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speed kills

If you accelerate up to 30mph and then brake you put more pollution int the air than if you travel at 20mph. This is today 09/09/23

A Dose of Reality

If you drive down the Broadway in Didcot you will encounter.

  • 7 traffic lights
  • 2 major roundabouts
  • 4 mini roundabouts
  • 1 zebra crossing
  • restricted width for about 200m
  • illegally parked cars

The Broadway is about a mile long and if you try to drive at 30mph you will be continually breaking and accelerating and you will average about 12mph. You will use more fuel, create more pollution, and make your vehicle more dangerous to pedestrians and cyclists and you will arrive at the end at the same time.

If you only accelerated to 20mph between obstructions there will be less pollution, the vehicle will not be so damaging in the event of a collision with a pedestrian or cyclist, you will save yourself money and arrive at your destination at the same time. Driving at 30mph in residential areas does not give a single benefit to anyone. More

20 mph saves money

Didcot Council Debate 20mph v 30 4th September

Didcot Council debate tonight the idea to of a 20mph pan Didcot speed limit as reality finds that traveling at 20 btween trafic lights, round abouts, pedestrian crossing and badly parked cars will not add time to your trip. Read more about this on Didcot Voice

speed kills
speed kills

Gove Plans More Polution.

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EU-era water pollution restrictions for housing developments are to be scrapped in a bid to build more homes, the government has announced.
Gove plans to pollute more of our rivers.

Feargal is worth following.

The Tories have polluted our rivers and seas, they have decimated the NHS, they have wrecked the economy and now the schools are falling to bits. Every country has a Mafia but the UK seems to be the only one that votes them into power.

A Dose of Reality

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